Registration of the CARO Centre on the list of mediators of the Basse Terre Court of Appeal (Guadeloupe)

  • 08/07/2024
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We are pleased to announce that the OHADAC Regional Arbitration Center (CARO Centre) is now registered on the list of mediators of the Basse Terre Court of Appeal. This registration marks an important milestone in CARO's commitment to promoting amicable methods of dispute resolution.

Mediation allows two conflicting entities to overcome their differences with the help of a “neutral third party”, who assists them in reaching an agreement. Mediation is a powerful tool to help parties find solutions while preserving their relationship.

Since the passing of Law No. 2016-1547 of November 18, 2016 on the modernization of justice in the 21st century, judges have the ability to offer this powerful tool to parties involved in a dispute brought before them. This tool provides them with a framework to communicate and reach an agreement that will release them from the court process.

Indeed, Articles L. 213-1 and following of the Administrative Justice Code resulting from this law, combined with Articles R. 213 and following resulting from Decree No. 2017-566 of April 18, 2017 regarding mediation in disputes falling within the jurisdiction of the administrative judge, allow parties involved in a dispute to resort to mediation either outside of any legal proceedings or after filing a case with an administrative court. This mediation procedure can be initiated by the parties or by the president of the judgment panel or the delegated magistrate with the parties' agreement.

In these cases, and following CARO's registration on the list of mediators, CARO may be designated as the legal entity responsible for organizing mediation based on these provisions.

The CARO team is delighted by this advancement, which strengthens its legitimacy and capacity to effectively assist parties in amicably resolving their disputes.

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