Report on the launching of the National Polytechnic Bambui OHADA Club (Cameroon)

The National Polytechnic BAMBUI OHADA Club is happy to announce to the entire OHADA club family that it has successfully launched its activities for this year. The launching took place on November 3rd, 2009 at the National Polytechnic Bambui (NPB). The launching was chaired by the school registrar, Mr. John Che in the presence of the hierarchy of the club Mr. Edoube Konda (coordinator), Mr. Ngala Francis (legal adviser) and Mr. Dinga Octavine (technical adviser).
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The registrar declared the activities of the club launched after a speech from the president and the secretary general respectively. The president in his speech discussed the history of OHADA and the brief history of the OHADA CLUB NPB. Then secretary general gave a report of last years activities along side with the challenges faced and the plan of action for the upcoming 2009/2010 academic year. Photo 3 It was only after these speeches that the registrar officially lunched the year's activities. The activities include: 1) Elaboration and lectures on the following Uniform Acts;
  • General commercial law
  • Laws on secured transactions (guarantees and collaterals)
  • Debt recovery and enforcement law
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Accounting law
  • Law regulating contracts for the carriage of goods by road
2) Lay down modalities for OHADA NORTH WEST REGIONAL CLUB. 3) Exchange visits to other universities 4) Usual lectures and classes continue. 5) Promote the creation of OHADA CLUBS in other institutions within the region. 6) Conferences and seminars held in different fields of study. 7) How periodic journals and articles would be published and sold. Again, the Coordinator, the legal, and technical advisers of the club also mentioned that the OHADA club NPB is meant for all students of NPB, given the fact that we, as professionals are supposed to be armed with this law, as it governs our business society today. Furthermore, time was given to some members of the different department to say why the are members of this club; ENGINEER: As an engineer, it is of prime importance to know the OHADA laws governing intellectual property rights like patents, in order to protect my inventions from pirate. BANKER: We need to know, as bankers, the procedures governing loan delinquency and debt recovery which is a banker worm in most financial institutions. These explain my membership. LAWYER: I am a lawyer, it is of absolute importance to have an insight of all the legal systems of the world especially OHADA uniform acts which are now cutting across the African society. MANAGEMENT: A manager is a jack of all trade, to effectively manage my company I must know all the OHADA uniform acts pertaining to marketing, banking and finance, insurance, accounting, and general commercial law. INSURANCE: It is imperative as an insurer to master the OHADA laws pertaining to the formation and termination of insurance contracts. MARKETER: As marketers, we must remember to practice the OHADA laws touching the rights to fair adverting, the right to proper labeling and packaging, the right to fair pricing and the need for consumer protection. ACCOUNTANT: OHADA has laid down a harmonized accounting system which can help us to keep our record in a simple, clear and understandable manner. Photo 4 A member of the club also testified on how he benefited from the club last year. He said some of the things studied in the club came in the Higher National Diploma exams (HND), which he passed.
Photo 5 The club also donated some working material to the school library through the registrar of the school. The latter expressed gratitude and said it was only during this launching that he realized that he should be a member of this CLUB. Below is a picture of the executive of this club after the launching. Photo 6 Conclusively, the launching was successful. However OHADA club NPB still remains a very young club that is still growing and will welcome any advise from any member of the OHADA CLUB family on how to improve the activities of the club. FON JULES A. SR.. CLUB OHADA CONTACT Email: Coordinator Mr. EDOUBE KONDA: +237 77 69 39 78 LEGAL Adviser Mr. NAGLA Fancies: +237 77 94 81 18 President USMAN BABA : +237 70 23 75 76


  • 19/11/2009 17h37 ERIC JUNIOR

    I'm really hapy to see the work you did and i hope that you will do your best to realise all previous activities.As far as i'm concerned i particularly appreciate the participation of members non-jurist such as enginers.And i specialy give thanks to your project to mobilise the other institutions of your area for the ohada movement.I hope that you will also achieve your embition to visit the other clubs of the country.I hope we we have the occasion to meet here in Douala and to talk about this common interest:the evolution of the african's juridical spirit

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