International Conference and Book Presentation in Lagos, Nigeria, June 3rd, 2009

We have the honour, on behalf of Ohada Nigeria, to announce that the 2009 Ohada International Conference and Book Presentation which will D.V. take place on Wednesday, 3rd June, 2009 at the Metropolitan Club, Victoria, Island, Lagos. Ohada is an Organisation for the Harmonisation of Business Laws in Africa, and exists all over the world for the promotion of harmonization of business laws in Africa. Ohada Treaty and Laws provide a secured legal environment for investments through the provisions of Uniform Acts in all members States. Although Nigeria is yet to join the Ohada Treaty States, Nigerian professionals, businessmen and companies play active role in investments in these countries. This year's conference is aimed at creating awareness and bringing the knowledge of Ohada Laws to the doorsteps of all stakeholders including businessmen and lawyers whose business cut across borders in Africa, the Government whose policies determine the creation of conduisive investment climate in Nigeria and the Ecowas Region, the Legislature who makes laws in this regard and the Judiciary that will interprete the laws. The Highlight of the Conference include the presentation of a book written by Honorable Justice Idris Mohammed of the Federal High Court, Benin - “ Harmonisation of Business Law in Africa: The Law Issues, Problems and Prospects ”. The papers to be presented and speakers are follows:
  1. “ Understanding the Ohada Treaty and Harmonised Business Laws ”, Prof Martha Tumnde of University of Buea, Camerouns
  2. “ Ohada as a Tool for Doing Business in Africa. The Legal Practitioner's perspective ”, Boris Mathor - Eversheds, Paris.
  3. “ Ohada as a Tool for Doing Business in Africa. Academic Perspective ”, Prof Claire Moore, University of Tulane, U.S.A.
  4. “ The Challenges faced by Common Law Jurisdictions to realise the OHADA Objectives - The Ghanaian Experience ”, Kwasi Prempeh-Eck, Legal Practioner, Ghana.
  5. “ The Challenges of Adopting Ohada Treaty and Uniform Acts in Anglophone Ecowas States - The Way Forward ”, Akin Akinbote.
The Conference is open to all and further details on Registration and others will be made available shortly. For more information, contact Barrister Akin Akinbote Akin Akinbote & Co. Mabayomije Law Office, 7 Lawal Street Off Oweh Street, Jibowu - Lagos Tel: +234 1 80 23 21 06 92 / +234 1 435 48 96 Email:


  • 26/08/2009 11h14 COMFORT FUAH

    Donot have means to attend such instructive and important conferences. If material can be sent to me after, even at a minimum rate, I will be greatful.

    Thank you.

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