OHADA Conference at CRYSTAL PALM HOTEL in Accra (GHANA) on 28th February 28 2008

  • 04/02/2008
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In order to implement their 2007 / 2008 roadmap, CLUB OHADA TOGO, together with CLUB OHADA RCI and CERCLE OHADA BENIN in collaboration with the Franco Ghanaian Chamber of Commerce, organize a conference-debate at CRISTAL PALM HOTEL in Accra, on 28th February 2008, on the topic: "OHADA, a vector of Legal and Judicial security in the service of Africa development". This operation, which gets sponsorship from UNIDA and European Overseas development Agencies, is intended to:
  • Familiarize Ghanaian traders with significant guarantees of OHADA to investments in its space.
  • Stimulate the Ghanaian authorities, through the civil society to engage in a process of accession to the Port Louis Agreement.
The meeting will be successively held by the three clubs on the sub-topics:
  • Legal security of OHADA
  • Judicial security of OHADA
  • Impacts of Legal and judicial security on African business environment.
For more information, please contact: CLUB OHADA TOGO, President, Laurent Amevi Gnamakou Tel.: +228 903 58 00 Email: CLUB OHADA RCI,President, Sylvain Yao Djah Tel.: +225 07 96 11 60 Email: CERCLE OHADA BENIN, President, Michel ADJAKA Tel. : +229 97 07 91 85 Email : CHAMBRE DE COMMERCE FRANCO GHANEENNE, Jacqueline NASTOR Tel.: +233 277 23 36 38 Email :

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