La saisie immobilière dans l'espace OHADA

  • 01/08/2005
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We have the honour to inform you that the publisher Presses Universitaire d'Afrique has just published a new textbook on OHADA titled: La saisie immobilière dans l'espace OHADA. The authors of this textbook are Mr. Paul Gérard POUGOUE, Professor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Teaching at the University of Yaoundé II (Soa) and Mr. Fidèle TEPPI KOLLOKO, Barrister, Member of the Cameroonian Bar Association, and one of the scientific coordinator of "Juridis Periodique" legal review. This is the first publication of the collection "Vade Mecum" which offers an explicit and practicable study on the attachment of real property under the Uniform Act relating to the measures of execution. In this book, the authors lay more emphasis on the innovations of the new attachment of real property brought in by the OHADA legislator. In their anlyses, the authors give practical examples of Procedural Acts on the one hand and an overview on a comparative study between the OHADA legislation and the internal rules of civil procedure, on the other hand. This textbook has been partly subsidized by the African Association for a Unified System of Business Laws (UNIDA), presided by Mr. Kéba MBAYE. It is not only an important instrument for research but also a useful guide. It is for sale at the following bookshops: CAMEROON: 5 000 CFA Francs Douala: Librairie Papyrus Afrique, Face Hôtel Akwa Place, Boulevard de la Libertté, BP 2580 ACEDA, 406 Boulevard de la Liberté, Douala - Tel: +237 222 08 93 Messapresse Douala Yaounde: Librairie Saint Paul, Messapresse Yaoundé ETRANGER: 15 Euros Côte d'ivoire: Editions Eburnie: Responsable : Marie-Agathe Amoikon Mail : Burkina Faso: Editions Sankofa & Gurli, Responsable: Monsieur Jean-Claude Naba ; Mail: Bénin: Editions Ruisseaux d'Afrique Responsable : Béatrice Lalinon Gbado Mail : Congo: Société congolaise de distribution et de recouvrement Responsable : Nicolas Bembe Mail : Mali: Editions Jamana Responsable : Hamidou Konaté Mail : Guinée Conakry Editions Ganndal Responsable : Yaya Satina Mail: Gabon: Editions du Silence Mail : Tchad: Me Marcel Betel Ninganadji Avocat au barreau du Tchad Contact : tél. : +235 52 31 13 Fax : +235 52 65 52 For more information, please contact Mr. Jean-Alain PENDA, tel: + 237 778 58 10, Email:

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