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Presentation-OHADA_Page_12.jpg L'Organisation pour l'Harmonisation en Afrique du Droit des Affaires (OHADA) a été créée par le Traité relatif à l'Harmonisation du Droit des Affaires en Afrique.

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The legal environnement environment of companies in Africa

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Announcement from the GSLD consulting and Training Cabinet (Yaoundé, Cameroon)

As part of the 2nd edition of the National Days of Law (JND) for Africa, the GLSD Consulting and Training Cabinet, organizes two (02) identical training sessions with the central theme: The legal environment of companies in Africa .

The cabinet is in the position of undoubtedly placing the law as the basis of any system of social and economic development. Download the program

Scheduled From 22 to 25 November 2017 and from 06 to 09 December 2017 at the Hotel TOU'NGOU - Yaoundé - Carrefour Etoa-Eki, the seminar is organized in two phases (plenary phase and workshop) and concerns

  • Company lawyers or business lawyers,
  • Accountants,
  • The auditors,
  • The administrative and financial directors,
  • Management controllers,
  • Managers...

1st registration worth for three (03). Download the registration form

Plenary Session Modules (02 First Days):

Introductory Module

  • M1: The Legal Environment for Enterprises in Africa
  • M2: Legal Litigation and Company Lawyer
  • M3: Alternative Mode for Dispute Resolution (MARC)
  • M4: Company's Social Responsibility (RSE)
  • M5: Social Scopes of Legal and Judicial Practice in Africa
  • M6: The economic scope of legal practice in Africa
  • M7: Dematerialization of Value Mobilières in Africa: : Analysis and Case of Cameroon

Workshops by field of action (02 last days)

  • Group 1 Law: the legal life of companies and OHADA requirements
  • Group 2 Accounting: New Accounting Practices - SYSCOHADA Revised + IFRS.
  • Group 3 Management: Leadership and Professional Excellence



THEME: The Legal Life of Companies and Textual Requirements

  1. African companies and companies management framework: AUSC-GIE
  2. The company lawyer and the protection of the company's assets
  3. The outsourcing of commercial companies
  4. Security interests
  5. Debt recovery procedures


THEME: New Accounting Practices - SYSCOHADA Revised + IFRS

  1. The reasons for accounting changes
  2. The conceptual framework
  3. Operations and specific problems
  4. Presentation of the annual financial statements of the normal system
  5. Presentation of the annual financial statements of the minimum cash system (SMT)
  6. Consolidated accounts and combined accounts
  7. IFRS


THEME: Leadership and Professional Excellence

  1. Develop a personal professional excellence approach
  2. Prepare and animate a training action
  3. Manage your employees and motivate your team
  4. Dysfunction and problem solving
  5. Team cohesion
  6. The manager, bearer and coach of the change
  7. Conflict management, resolving tensions and conflicts

The Modalities Of Registration

Complete Cycle (04 Days) - Plenary session and Workshop

875.000 f cfa / Enterprise or Organization. (Training, Coffee Break, Lunch Break, Dinner, Training Certification, Training materials on USB Key)

NB: by Company or Organization, the registration of a person gives the right to the free and absolute registration of an accountant and a manager)


Behind Lycée de Nkol-Eton, Bastos Clinic Building
Former FONADER building (next to the JACO building), THE CHINA
Yaoundé - Cameroun
Ph.: +237 696 068 889 / 690 871 424

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